"I would say that I have met few trainers in the last 40 years, in academia, continuing clinical education and NLP training, with his personal integrity, facility with NLP tools and acumen in training to clinical competency. I highly recommend his NLP training institute, and his personal training programs to anyone looking for genuine behavioral capability, delivered by a person of great personal empathy and integrity."

Frank Bourke, PhD

Former Cornell University Professor


"Allen has an amazing life story, the common theme throughout his life has been one of selfless service to his fellow man no matter where in world he landed. I have been an instructor of various things for the last 35 years: in the military, in law enforcement, the civilian sector, as well as an adjunct professor at a State College. I have worked under, alongside, and mentored many fellow instructors. Allen  is in the top 3% of those I have observed. I have observed him be unexpectedly pulled into an ongoing protocol when a clinician hit a block with a troubled client. With the utmost of ease and with a gifted gentle manner, Allen redirected and reengaged the client effortlessly. He is amazing to watch in action. Thank you Allen for all you do to help those in need, including myself."

Craig Hardcastle, Officer (Ret’d) US Marine Corps



 "In March of 2019, I had the privilege of attending a training conducted by Allen Kanerva. The training was by far one of the best and most useful tools I have utilized so far in my career. Allen's ability to instruct and explain the details needed in order to effectively demonstrate this protocol were superior. I would highly recommend any of his training sessions - it will be an asset to you professionally and personally."

Kathy Macchione Leggett, LMHC



"Allen is an excellent coach and trainer. His talent in communicating information is unmatched. Those trained by Allen absorb information easily and effortlessly. As a coach, Allen's insight into people allows them to recognize and alter life changing patterns. I highly recommend both Allen and his wife Tara if you want to see change in your life personally or if you want to take your career to a significantly higher level."

Kari Russo, LMHC



"Allen has a big heart for resolving trauma with those suffering. And for the record there is no trauma he can’t clear unless the client wants to keep it. I highly recommend Allen."

Dan Jarvis




"I took NLP Practitioner and PACE with Allen and Tara at Inspired Outcomes. I was also very fortunate to have Allen as a Coaching Assistant during my Master Practitioner in Nevada at the Tad James Company. Allen is a very thorough trainer and you can immediately tell that he cares deeply about the success of his students. His answers to my questions were always complete and concise. I am totally confident in my NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis skills because I trained with Allen. I was already on the path to coaching when I discovered NLP and met Allen. I got more tools in seven days of Practitioner's than I did in a year and half of traditional life coaching classes. The unexpected benefit was that I also got to experience massive personal growth and self development during the trainings. If you are a coach looking for better tools or someone who needs to get unstuck, I highly recommend any and all of Allen's trainings."

Elaine Turcotte

Courage Coach


"Allen was the trainer who supported me through an NLP breakthrough in July 2017 . I had experienced massive trauma between the ages of 5-10 of which I have spent a lifetime mitigating effects and working to resolve with countless professionals in addition to self help and YEARS of personal development. Within a short amount of time Allen truly changed my LIFE and my timeline in ways that I simply can not describe in words rather whom I have become since and who I am becoming moving forward. I credit a HUGE part to the work and shifts that Allen facilitated and supported me with."

Jennifer Reeves




"I had the pleasure of training with Allen, His fun and loving persona makes working with him a breeze!! He has the flexibility to be who you need him to be. Allen is superb at what he does. I highly recommend getting in contact with Allen."

Charis Lam

Professional Coach, Utah



"Allen's coaching skill-set is highly focused on bringing out the best in the individual. He is excellent in his role as a transformational coach and I appreciate all he has done to help me. If you feel stuck in life- career or personally, Allen will show you the way forward."

Janet Fetterman

Berkshire Hathaway Realty





"Allen Kanerva, having witnessed the devastation caused by economic exclusion of minorities in Africa and abroad, decided he would not stand idly by while the same circumstances continued with First Nations in Canada. Bringing a lifetime of experience in building bridges between often bitter adversaries, Allen successfully creates economic opportunities in remote communities with often little or nothing to work with. I have personally witnessed Allen engaging, empowering and activating a First Nations community and turning hopelessness and despair into excitement and prosperity. It is truly an honour and a privilege to be associated with Allen Kanerva, and the good work he is doing."

Frank Busch

Director of Community Engagement

First Nation Financial Authority



"Inspired by a passion for human development, Allen has affected lives and communities from sub-Saharan Africa to the First Nations of Canada. Allen is an innovator and a leader in the development sector who is never satisfied with the status quo. Over the four years that we worked together, I learned from him as he empowered a First Nation community to achieve economic success and inclusion. He built a foundation for this community’s continued success by leveraging unique opportunities that others had overlooked. Allen’s energy is contagious, and his charisma helps others to see hope and opportunity. His commitment to helping individuals overcome trauma inspires me, and it leads to the development of resilient communities made up of resilient people."

Mylon Ollila,

Training Specialist

First Nations Financial Authority




"Allen is a leader with highly visible energy, drive and enthusiasm. Allen is a strong strategic thinker with the capability to envision small, local business as a sustainable, growing international opportunity. He seeks challenges others would sidestep and worked creditably and with gusto in harsh, remote and complex environments with success. Throughout my association with Allen he has demonstrated the versatility to develop strategy and then operationalise it with depth of thought and understanding transitioning successfully from the macro to the micro and thinking down through the organisation. Strongly recommended as a leader, manager, and strategist."

Brian Hewson, Colonel (Ret’d) NZ Army

Business Manager

Massey University, NZ




"I sat on the Board of Directors of the Montessori in Delta Society while Allen was the President for three years when our children attended that school. He guided the school and society through a particularly stressful time when it split in two with half the families starting a new private school. Through his powers of organizing and focusing the efforts of those of us who remained he was instrumental in ensuring the survival and expansion of the Montessori school. He exhibited a clear understanding of the interrelationship of all of the relevant issues and of a plan for responding to them at a time when emotions could have got out of hand."

Jim Humphry

Retired Lawyer, Land Developer

Maya Beach, Belize